Recent Projects

Bespoke Luxury Homes

MKa allows its clients to make a statement with their home; and that statement is all about luxury, grandeur and bringing a sense of individual style and personality to their sacred personal space.

From start to finish, you will be guided through the process by Michael and his hand-selected team of professionals, having full creative input at every stage if you so desire. You will be able to experience in 3D simulation the dream home designed for you by MKa. Clients love seeing their home come to life using this state of the art technology. It gives clients a greater sense of control over the finished product, while assuring them that the ideas will work harmoniously, down to the details of the final finishes. This technology is also key to MKa’s guarantee of designing not only a spectacular and unique home, but one that is cost effective and buildable.

Astute and prudent home owners are capitalising on their working relationship with Michael, finding benefit in engaging MKa to advise on the suitability of a site for the build. You cannot underestimate the importance of the site in being the foundational platform. The site’s orientation, views, natural surroundings and soil quality are some of the many factors that contribute to creating a bespoke luxury home, well before the design elements of the home come into play.

Increasingly, we are finding that astute home owners are utilising MKa’s services to assess the feasibility of a site prior to purchase. Typically, home owners seek advice on the two or three sites they have narrowed their search down to. We are then able to advise on which site is most suitable, allowing our clients to make an informed choice in purchasing their site.

Contact us for an obligation free meeting if:

  • you want advice on whether your existing site or a site you intend to purchase will be suitable to build your luxury bespoke home; or
  • you have an idea of what you want your home to look like, but want advice on purchasing a site that will maximise the features of your home and make it a cost effective build.

Dual Occupancies and Townhouses

Many astute investors are purchasing sites with a view to building dual occupancies (or duplexes), dual key homes, townhouses or villas.

Like with any investment, pre-purchase feasibility is critical. If you are interested in this type of investment, then it is well worth contacting MKa for your complimentary and obligation-free first consultation. You will receive invaluable guidance as to the types of sites to look for that are best suited to this kind of development.

Alternatively, if you have already secured a site and are looking for advice on preparing a DA and constructing a dual occupancy or town house on that site, contact MKa here.

Apartments and mixed use residential flat buildings

With the growth of the population of NSW, both in Sydney and across regional centres, there is a continuous flux of people migrating to Sydney and the bigger towns and cities to take advantage of the employment and educational opportunities.

Simultaneously, a higher proportion of people are aged over 65, with many households downsizing.

All of this means that higher density living is becoming the standard. With a greater emphasis on creating and redesigning neighbourhoods to cater to higher density living, these emerging redesigned hubs offer the convenience of being centrally located to transport infrastructure, essential services and shops, whilst enhancing the lifestyle and entertainment choices and enriching the cultural and social experience of residents.

MKa’s core business is designing high rise apartments, often incorporating a commercial or retail space which helps to create this vibrancy of character while lifting the amenity of the space for residents to enjoy. Over the years, MKa has become finely attuned to creating these spaces with distinction and flair.

MKa’s work, however, starts with a feasibility analysis. As with any investment, there are many factors to consider in selecting a suitable site, and seeing MKa about a pre-purchase feasibility report, or a feasibility study on your existing site, is worthwhile. Contact Michael to arrange a meeting now.

When handling these projects, MKa’s first priority is doing everything possible to secure the best return on investment for its developer client. This approach informs every aspect of MKa’s handling of the project. Developers value Michael’s architectural concepts which bring together strong design and aesthetic elements, with commercial pragmatism in delivering a cost efficient building. Developers often seek guidance from Michael on the appropriateness of a site for a particular build, taking into account Michael’s local knowledge of various factors that may have a significant impact on the viability of the build. Appreciating the value of time, Michael advises on, creates, designs and project manages all of his projects to tight deadlines. With over three decades in the industry, and close to a decade involved in a local Council as a Mayor and Councillor, Michael has an acute awareness of the process and what needs to be done to deliver a timely and successful outcome for his clients.

MKa offers architectural design and construction services in respect of industrial buildings. These buildings are highly customised and purpose-built to house the specialised equipment needed for the business.

MKa creates dynamic and vibrant retail spaces that are either stand-alone projects, or form part of a mixed use development.