Development Advisory and Project Management

MKa offers its clients the full spectrum of development advisory and project management services. Those services include:

MKa acts as Principal Consultant, coordinating the work of all other consultants, liaising with Council and other authorities as needed.

Michael’s decade-long tenure as a Mayor and Councillor for a Sydney Local Council has equipped him with a unique insight, as well as in-depth knowledge and experience, as to Council’s requirements and processes. As every client’s project is overseen directly by Michael, clients are assured their project will be correctly conceived from the outset, enjoying the benefit of Michael’s negotiation skills in engaging with Council and other authorities on their behalf. Michael and the MKa team pride themselves on delivering approved applications to their valued clients in a timely manner.

MKa’s clients benefit from the unique skill set that Michael affords every project, combining his knowledge and practical building experience in every design solution conceived. This, together with the use of the most advanced 3D modelling and rendering software available, allows the skilled team at MKa to thoroughly analyse each individual project, ensuring well-informed, cost-effective design decisions are made and that every project is buildable. In short, quite apart from its aesthetic qualities, MKa’s work stands apart for its efficient use of space and materials translating into real value for its clients.

Development feasibility and pre-purchase advice

Undertaking a feasibility study in the context of a business venture is considered prudent.

If you want to ensure that your next development project is a successful business venture too, then a feasibility study is a must. It is a critical step in the assessment of the viability of your project. It will enhance the likelihood that your project will be a success by addressing and mitigating any factors that may impact upon your project in the early stages. It also generates quality information to enable informed decisions to be made and will assist if you require finance or equity investment for your project.

MKa can undertake for its clients a feasibility assessment on the site which they want to develop. Clients can choose to either obtain a feasibility study on their existing site or obtain valuable guidance with a view to purchasing a site.

Development advice includes advice in relation to zoning, land use permissibility, FSR, height restrictions, traffic, orientation, slope and drainage issues. Furthermore, MKa can advise on extrinsic factors such as the stated needs and objectives of the Local Government Area in which the site is located as well as specific planning and development controls. Clients are left with a clear understanding of the types of sites they need to look for to meet their development strategy.

MKa can also take the leg work out of your search by recommending sites that meet your development goals. We work independently of real estate agents and developers and are not affiliated with any other professional or financial interest. We simply put our expertise and skill to work for the benefit of our clients by recommending sites that are on the market for sale that meet your personal development goals and strategy.

Concept design

Concept design is the process of bringing to life the client’s brief through initial sketches aimed at capturing and interpreting the client’s vision, whilst harnessing the site’s potential. It is a space where big ideas meet the design process; where a site’s opportunities are explored and constraints are considered and managed.

The design is modelled onto our state of the art 3D modelling and rendering software from the outset, enabling the client to share in the experience through direct visualisation.

3D project creation and visualisation

MKa utilises the latest 3D modelling and rendering computer software to breathe life into your project. It is an invaluable tool for all clients, whether you have retained MKa to design your bespoke luxury home or to design a large residential and commercial apartment complex.

The 3D imaging technology allows you to clearly see what the finished project will look like and is key to ensuring that the project is ‘buildable’, which will save you valuable time and money during the construction stage. It has also helped MKa’s clients secure favourable outcomes during the development process.

Development applications

MKa applies its expertise and skill, together with over thirty years of practical experience, to make the DA process for its clients seamless and rewarding. The entire process is coordinated by MKa from start to finish, including dealing with the many consultants who are required to prepare reports and services designs in support of an application. MKa is the one point of contact during this process, eliminating the stress and hassle for the client. You can be involved as little or as much as you wish, and you will be kept up to date all the way.

Having held the office of Mayor as well as Councillor for a Sydney local Council for close to a decade, Michael has unique experience and insight into the internal workings of Council and the approval process. Driven by the desire to produce innovative and aesthetic projects that are inherently buildable and stand out in terms of quality and building design excellence, Michael combines his technical knowledge of the myriad of planning laws, guidelines, policies and controls to design a project that is sympathetic to its environment. Michael undertakes all of the advocacy work and negotiations, meeting with Council and other authorities as required, to ensure all issues are appropriately considered and accounted for prior to formal submission. That, together with the unique ability to bring clarity to the design process, as well as the attention to detail in documenting the application, result in timely approvals for MKa’s clients.

The clarity of Michael’s designs and plans have been praised by the Council decision makers and clients alike.

Construction certificate applications

Once MKa has successfully obtained a DA on your behalf, we will assist you with preparing and lodging your construction certificate application. This next phase is critical to ensure that your project complies with the relevant building codes and any conditions attaching to the DA approval.

Construction documentation

Ensuring your project complies with the relevant building codes, and the DA conditions of consent, involves the preparation of full construction documentation by MKa. This process includes technical drawings and specifications, as well as schedules of materials and fittings. In essence, it involves the integration of all services and building systems into the architectural documentation.

Construction tendering

By having MKa complete the construction documentation, clients are in the best position to solicit construction bids and proceed to tender. MKa can assist with the construction tendering and contractor selection process.

Contract administration

MKa routinely manages the contract administration in relation to building projects for its clients, affording clients the benefit of MKa’s experience in ensuring strict compliance with the terms of the contract and the timely delivery of the project with minimal disruption and disputes. Michael assumes the role of Superintendent under the contract, ensuring that contract terms are adhered to, resulting in desirable outcomes. Where issues arise, Michael is there to manage and ensure all professionals and tradespeople are working efficiently to deliver on the contract.